MyVoice makes inspiring apps that give a voice to thousands of children and adults with
Autism, ALS, Aphasia, Apraxia, Cerebral Palsy, MND, Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke, and TBI.



The flexible, accessible talking keyboard

Rocket Keys is an amazingly customizable talking keyboard for people with speech disabilities. This powerful app lets you build the perfect keyboard by choosing RocketKeys running on an iPad the exact keys, size, layout, colors, prediction, and voices you want. And because RocketKeys understands touch input from users with unsteady or imprecise hands, it is very physically accessible.

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TalkRocket Go

Easy picture and phrase communication

TalkRocket Go running on an iPad Mini

TalkRocket Go is the world’s easiest to use communication aid for people with speech disabilities. Start talking instantly by tapping prepared pictures and phrases. Quickly edit anything to build a vocabulary of 10 items or 10,000, and personalize your pictures with the camera. TalkRocket Go also includes a catalogue of free vocabulary packs for people of all ages and abilities.

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