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The flexible, accessible talking keyboard

autism-plugged-in“The King of text-to-speech apps. With lightning fast word suggestions and a wonderful interface to work with, there’s no better choice than this when you’re searching for a top-notch AAC text-to-speech app.”

Autism Plugged In

Martin Pistorious“RocketKeys provides text literate individuals with a great option for communicating on the iPad or iPhone. The innovative cursor makes using the app easy, even if you have movement difficulties.”

Martin Pistorious, Author of “Ghost Boy” and AAC User

“We have an amazing little one [who has] cerebral palsy and does not currently have an understandable voice and has difficulty with motor control. I introduced her to RocketKeys yesterday and BOY did she blow us away! With the enlarged cursor, key delay and press and hold, she was able to spell words and her name with no errors because of fluctuating muscle tone. It is the first time I have seen her access the iPad without having to backspace and delete miss-hits and be faced with frustration with access. When I asked her if she liked the app she beamed and emphatically nodded her head with an enthusiasm that could not be misunderstood!”

Megan Shanley OTR/L, ATP, Albuquerque Public Schools

App Store Icon“The feature to stand out is the (truly impressive) word prediction capabilities of RocketKeys. The word prediction engine is based on thousands of utterances in Twitter, which means this word prediction is savvy and more conducive to natural speech. The word prediction in RocketKeys includes slang, idioms, proper names, current cultural, literary and popular references not found in other engines. My son was able to bring up Star Wars-related words with ease.”

Amy Taylor, The Appy Ladies

“The word prediction is wonderful for students with literacy difficulties. One of our students was able to ask for Chocolate Chip Ice Cream by just starting to spell “Choco” and using the word associations in the word prediction feature. The three voice options (being able to vary them according to functionality) are also excellent for students who have visual difficulties and rely on auditory reinforcement when they are writing. Having excellent technical support, and someone to listen to our ideas and suggestions is also a wonderful service!”

Lynn Seymour-Lalonde, Supervisor of Assistive Technology, Atlantic Provinces Special Education Authority

“RocketKeys is the key to unlocking a user’s potential with a Text to Speech keyboard… RocketKeys is a powerful text to speech AAC app that has options galore for customizing. The keyboard options are limitless. I highly recommend this app for those looking for one of the best text to speech AAC options out there.”

Jackie Bryla, SLPA, Teachers With Apps

“RocketKeys is the keyboarding app I would choose for individuals who need text-to-speech capabilities and who have fine motor challenges that typically prevent the use of the iPad. The user interface is thoughtful and well-designed. The interaction with the keyboard is individualized based on client need– this allows for the clinician to tailor the device to the client, rather than have to teach the client unnecessary steps. There is ample technical training and support available through the company. The predictive text available on RocketKeys is incredibly accurate and allows for flexible spelling. This app is appropriate for individuals across age groups – a rare find with AAC apps!”

Ami Graves, M.S., CCC-SLP, Augmentative Communication Consultant, TechACCESS of Rhode Island

App Store Icon“One of this App’s main strengths is that all the buttons are fully editable and when we say fully, we mean FULLY! … One thing that this App is able to do above most other type and talk Apps is to give you the ability to place keys where you want them on the screen and also to set the size. In the App’s editing mode you can add or delete keys, re-size them with a pinching gesture and then edit the key’s contents.”

Aidis Trust

App Store Icon“Thank God for people who are always looking to develop apps to make life bearable for those unable to do so much for themselves. Rocket keys provides opportunities that previously did not exist for people incapable of using conventional keyboards. It is simply incredible.”

Review in the App Store

App Store Icon“It only took about 15 minutes to go through the main feature stack and ‘get it’. I didn’t even need a tutorial! Rocket Keys lives up to its name. And though it is made to be fast and easy to use, don’t be fooled – R.K. is feature rich and intelligent.”

Review in the App Store


TalkRocket Go

Easy picture and phrase communication

“Every IEP team should check this App out! I personally recommend using TalkRocket to create customized articulation drills, minimal pairs lists, Visual Schedules, Reinforcer Rosters, 3 picture sequencing worksheets, Quickie Social Story Strips, Rules Reminders, and Target Vocabulary Sheets for various students… It is absolutely worth the price because of it’s versatility, multi-user capability, accessibility features, and overall design.”

Penina Rybak, MA/CCC-SLP, Socially Speaking

“The features of TalkRocket Go make it easy for families to use and support. Customizable words and images engage users with Autism and let them communicate and express their personalities at all ages. More and more, apps like this point to a very bright future for those struggling with basic communications capabilities and skills.”

Marc Sirkin, Chief Digital Marketing Officer, Autism Speaks

“I have really enjoyed using TalkRocket Go with my students. They have taken to it quickly and learned not only how to use TalkRocket, but how to create and update their own programs. TalkRocket Go’s Supporter Studio provides piece of mind and excellent collaboration between professionals and parents at home and at school. I can breathe easy knowing that no matter what may happen to a student’s iPad, his personal vocabulary is safely stored.”

Jaime Openden, Huffington Post Blogger, M.S., CCC-SLP

“It is the only communication app that I have come across that is accessible to children who have physical limitations. I was able to use it with my clients who have cerebral palsy because of the built in scanning and switch access options.”

Meghan Braun, SLP, Yaldei Developmental Centre, Quebec

“TalkRocket has made a world of difference in our world. To us it is more than just an AAC device. We actually use it to build my daughter’s vocabulary by personalizing and labelling many of the items in our lives. Since Talk Rocket is so physically accessible, we also work towards cognitive goals and can even encourage our daughter to work on her fine motor skills because of the interactive nature of the app. It’s been a great addition to our toolbox and I would highly recommend this product.”

Anchel Krishna, Todays Parent Magazine

“The features of TalkRocket Go make it easy for families to use and support. Customizable words and images engage users with Autism and let them communicate and express their personalities at all ages. More and more, apps like this point to a very bright future for those struggling with basic communications capabilities and skills.”

Brenda Kosky Deskin, Founder and Editor,

This is an enabling, barrier-breaking piece of science that’s really critically important, and will make a huge difference in so many people’s lives… This is human rights technology as much as it is voice technology.

Glen Murray, Minister of Research and Innovation

“The app is simple to use and professionals appreciate the fact that they can customize the client’s profile on their computer, which can then be synced with the iPad. Nos clients sont heureux d’utiliser une application efficace en français. Merci a l’équipe TalkRocket Go!”

Andrea Prupas, Co-Founder, inov8 Educational Consulting Quebec

App Store Icon“As a parent of a teen who is non-verbal with complex motor challenges, this is the first AAC solution I have seen to help her. After ten years of silence and struggling to be included in regular activities, my child can now do an oral presentation in class. This is a game changer that has set the bar so high for AAC apps. A grateful parent of a beautiful girl who has things to say and now can.”

Parent on the App Store

App Store Icon“Great, simple app for people who know more than they can say! I have already shared the app’s concepts with several colleagues.”

Registered SLP on the App Store